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List Description
ACAT Assistive Context-Aware Toolkit
AMB Automotive Message Broker
Android-IA Android on Intel Architecture
android-iio-sensors-hal [no description available]
Apache-spark-performance [no description available]
AppFramework App Framework is the definitive javascript library for mobile HTML5 app development.
audio-latency-tools [no description available]
BITS Mailing list for the BIOS Implementation Test Suite (BITS)
cephperformance Focus on Ceph Performance results.
chipsec CHIPSEC Discussion List
citopen-devel [no description available]
Clear-Sans Clear Sans is a versatile OpenType font for screen, print, and Web.
connman ConnMan is a daemon for managing Internet connections within embedded devices
CPClient OMA Client Provisioning (CP) protocol
DAAL [no description available]
dLeyna DLNA middleware components
Dpdk-ovs Intel DPDK Accelerated vSwitch
DPTF Intel(R) Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework
edk2-devel EDK II Development
ell Embedded Linux Library
eziometer [no description available]
fMBT free Model-Based Testing
geod Intel open graphics drivers
GraphBuilder A Java library for constructing graphs out of large datasets.
Hetero-streams Hetero-streams mailing list
hpdd-delphix [no description available]
HPDD-discuss Discussion about the Lustre open source file system.
HTML5WebApps HTML5 Sample Web Apps
Hyperscan Hyperscan regular expression matching library
iGVT-g [no description available]
Iio-testing-framework [no description available]
ilw Intel Linux Wireless
Intel-Deep-Learning-Framework [no description available]
Intel-gfx Intel Linux Graphics
Intel-KGT Mailing list for Intel Kernel Guard Technology
Intel-opa [no description available]
intellinuxsgx [no description available]
IntelNVMCIMLibrary [no description available]
intelnvmclilibrary [no description available]
intelnvmi18nlibrary [no description available]
Intelseapi [no description available]
IoT-Device_Management_Services [no description available]
IXPDIMMSW [no description available]
kbuild 0day kernel build service
kbuild-all [no description available]
kernelflinger [no description available]
langperf [no description available]
libdmclient Communication library for mobile
LibRAS [no description available]
libxcam Extended camera features of 3A (auto white balance, auto exposure and auto focus).
libyami [no description available]
Linux-nfc NFC on Linux
Linux-nvdimm Linux-nvdimm developer list.
Linux-Thermal-Daemon Thermal Daemon is a Linux daemon for monitoring and controlling platform temperatures.
LKP Linux Kernel Performance
Luv Linux UEFI Validation Distribution List
match-interface [no description available]
Mayloon Android to HTML5 conversion tool
memkind User extensible heap manager.
MRAA [no description available]
MRAA-announce [no description available]
murphy-dev Policy management FW
Nodemanager Node Manager PRK
NumaTOP NumaTOP is an observation tool for runtime memory locality characterization and analysis.
NVML [no description available]
oat-devel OpenAttestation is a cloud management tool used in establishing hosts' integrity information.
OCR-announce Announcements (low-traffic) about OCR
OCR-build Build messages for OCR system
OCR-dev Technical discussion about OCR
OCR-discuss General discussion about OCR
oFono-dev oFono project developer mailing list.
Oic-dev [no description available]
opencit_dev [no description available]
OpenSAA Intel Service Assurance Administrator
parameter-framework [no description available]
parameter-framework-dev [no description available]
Perfmon-announce [no description available]
Perfmon-discuss [no description available]
PowerTop Power analysis tool for Linux
Provman Device management client writer
pyMIC [no description available]
qmsi [no description available]
RIB Rapid Interface Builder (RIB)
SafeStringLib A C Library of buffer and string manipulation routines that help protect against buffer overflows
satt [no description available]
sdscontroller SDS Controller provides automation of storage system life cycle management.
Simple-perf-tools Speedometer and overhead tool users
SMACK-announce SMACK announcement list.
SMACK-discuss SMACK discussion list.
sparkscore Support maillist for SparkScore
SPDK Storage Performance Development Kit
Thunderbolt-Software Thunderbolt software discussions.
TinyCrypt-Devel [no description available]
Verbalucce Verbalucce analyzes text communication within Gmail.
Virtual-Storage-Manager [no description available]
vmf [no description available]
wds-dev [no description available]
Web-Simulator Mobile web development tool
wysiwidi-dev [no description available]
XBB XForm Building Blocks
yask [no description available]
yoctobsp-apollolake-i yoctobsp-apollolake-i
Yoko-tool A Linux based command-line tool for configuring and controlling Yokogawa WT310 power meters

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