On Apr 15, 2015 6:44 AM, "Jonathan Maw" <jonathan.maw@codethink.co.uk> wrote:
> Hi all,
> In my experiences from adding the Automotive Message Broker to Baserock, I
> have noticed a few things:
> * It does not build with newer versions of json-c because json-c changed its
>   name (i.e. it used to be included via <json/json.h>, and it's now included
>   via <json-c/json.h>).
> * ambctl has dependencies that prevent it running, but are not mentioned during
>   build-time.
>   - pygobject-2.0
>   - dbus-python
> * Also, as mentioned previously, pygobject-2.0 is not compatible with later
>   versions of pygobject (instead of 'import gobject', you need to do
>   'from gi.repository import gobject').
> I am aware that https://github.com/tripzero/automotive-message-broker/ has
> a branch that makes it work with later versions of pygobject.
> Would there be objections to me submitting patches that:
> * Make it work with newer versions of json-c
>   - Would there be objections to this making it not work with older versions
>     of json-c?

Iirc, json-c is only still used in a few plugins.  A patch to change these plugins to use picojson would be preferable.  Short of that I would accept a patch to 0.14 and master to update to the latest version of json-c.

> * Make the build fail if the system does not have pygobject and dbus-python?

There is already a patch on 0.13 to use the new gi.repository.  We could make the build fail if this requirement and dbus-python are not met.