Just came to my mind: I have a very good experience with Intel VTune  ;-)
It was on Windows, but it's available also for Linux.


It's able to to show CPU usage per function.


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> Hi Kevron,
> I see that there is still 8-9% CPU usage in performance
> test(https://bugs.tizen.org/jira/browse/TIVI-2623).

I haven't pushed some of the more impactful changes to tizen yet.  So
the most recent test doesn't include those (0.11.809 vs 810).

> I suggest to use valgrind with callgrind plugin(--tool=callgrind).
> QtCreator has a nice support plugin for valgrind.
> You can find tho most often called methods(and time consumption) and
> improove the most critical then.

Agreed.  I do use that tool in QtCreator.  It's very nice.  There's a
lot of data to sift through.  So far I've only been addressing the
biggest pigs I can find, which are typically related to DBus usage.
But as that becomes less of an issue, I'll have to use the tools to
find smaller "pigs".

> And I still think that you should replace all method calls with arguments
> passed by value with arguments passed by (const) reference. At least those
> under lib folder - it affect all plugins and can be called very often.
> For example AbstractRoutingEngine::setProperty(AsyncSetPropertyRequest
> request) is called for every signal change, If I remember correctly.
> It also should reduce CPU usage. ( Imagine std::string -> there is always at
> least one malloc, one memcopy and one free call for each method call with
> arguments passed by value for each std::string argument).

Agreed.  Passing by const ref makes sense.

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