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TL;DR - if you build cc-runtime yourself, you should update to the latest code, build and install and then "sudo rm -rf /etc/clear-containers/".

= Details =

Previously, the default location for the cc-runtime configuration file was:


However, we recently added stateless [1] support to cc-runtime [2]. This results in two significant changes:

1) It now checks in multiple locations for its configuration file.

2) It changes the default location of the configuration file to:


If you are building the runtime yourself, the general advice is to remove the "/etc/clear-containers/" directory since the old configuration file location will in fact take precedence over the new one [3].

To see where the runtime will attempt to read its configuration from, there is a new global option:

    $ cc-runtime --cc-show-default-config-paths

In the example output above, if the runtime finds "/etc/clear-containers/configuration.toml", that file will be used. Otherwise it will try to use "/usr/share/defaults/clear-containers/configuration.toml". If neither file exists, it will error.



[1] - https://clearlinux.org/features/stateless
[2] - https://github.com/clearcontainers/runtime/pull/564
[3] - If you do not remove "/etc/clear-containers/configuration.toml" and we update the master configuration, your old "/etc/clear-containers/configuration.toml" will be used, masking the newer "/usr/share/defaults/clear-containers/configuration.toml".
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