Hi, Jovi,


Here is the CC 3.0 installation guide from github.com, and it supports installation on Fedora and Ubuntu.




Hope it could help for you to start early evaluation of CC 3.0.





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Hi Graham,


Thanks for your reply, it seems a lot of efforts goes into CC3.x, when CC3.x will fully feature-complete compare with CC 2.2.4? we're using CC 2.2.4, but also want cpu/memory resource limit feature urgently. Can we use CC3.x right now?




On Wed, Aug 23, 2017 at 5:59 PM, Whaley, Graham <graham.whaley@intel.com> wrote:

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Hi Jovi,

> I have some questions about using docker command in Clear Container, I didn't found any clear answer in doc about these issues, so wish some experts would give me some clues, great thanks.
> 1. does cc-oci-runtime support Pod? many containers runs in one vm?

Yes, under kubernetes with CRI-O. You can find some details on setting that up in the wiki page: https://github.com/01org/cc-oci-runtime/wiki/Clear-Containers-and-Kubernetes
I will also ask @eernst and @mcastelino to add/confirm that here.

> 2. 'docker stats' doesn't show anything.
Yep. This is a current known limitation. There are some details over in the CC3.x repo. We should be looking at that in CC3.x relatively soon.

> 3. Support setting memory and cpu resource through via docker CLI, like "docker run -m MEMORY" and "docker run --cpus CPU", instead use fixed configuration.
    Reference: https://github.com/01org/cc-oci-runtime/wiki/Limitations#15cpu-and-memory
Yep, also known. Along with the reference you provide, also:

These are being looked into at present for CC3.x.
In the meantime, as a potential workaround for some situations,
In CC2.x (cc-oci-runtime) you can modify the https://github.com/01org/cc-oci-runtime/blob/master/data/hypervisor.args.in file to change what the fixed configuration is.
And some similar cpu features were added to CC3.x recently.

Of course, contributions and pull requests to help improve any of these are always more than welcome ;-)


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