You can disable the pstore or change the memory address to avoid the boot issue about pstore.


  For the Ethernet driver load, You can modify device/intel/mixins/groups/ethernet/dhcp/init.rc, add the code to insmod igb.


  For the display issue, @Arun, can you let some display engineer to help it?


  BR/Tan Ming.


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After fiddling with the kernel parameters, I found out that what's causing problem and boot freeze is this set of parameters:


    pstore.backend=ramoops memmap=0x400000\$$0x50000000 ramoops.mem_address=0x50000000 ramoops.mem_size=0x400000 ramoops.record_size=0x4000 ramoops.console_size=0x200000 ramoops.ftrace_size=0x2000 ramoops.dump_oops=1


When I remove them all, the device boots properly in live mode (and I guess any other mode too). My last build is still based on O-MR1, with avb and slot-ab disabled, and libgpt pulled from the PR.


However, even though the device boots to home screen, I'm having some problems for which I would appreciate some feedback, if possible:


1) Ethernet is not active by default (the device does not have Wifi). The NIC uses igb driver. What I've found so far to make it work is to boot in debug mode, then when the shell prompt appears ('newroot#'), I load the module with: "modprobe igb". Then I let the device continue booting and network connection works fine in the end (I can ADB to device using its IP address). What is the recommended way to solve this driver issue?


2) The animations work fine in the launcher app, but whenever I launch another app, e.g. Settings, the display freezes halfway through animation, and I can see these messages in the logs (repeated a bunch of times):


09-26 20:15:33.587  1667  2075 E iahwcomposer: CommitFrame: Failed to commit pset ret=Unknown error -22

09-26 20:15:33.587  1667  2075 E iahwcomposer: Commit: Failed to Commit layers.

09-26 20:15:33.587  1667  2075 E iahwcomposer: Failed to set layers in the composition

09-26 20:15:33.587  1677  1677 E HWComposer: presentAndGetReleaseFences: failed for display 0: BadLayer (3)


The device is not completely frozen. It's just the display that is stuck on a given frame in the animation. Although the display is not updated anymore, the UI is still functional.


In previous instances of Android-IA, I used to set "board.disable.explicit.sync=1" for that device, to avoid display problem. But if I do it on celadon, the whole graphic stack doesn't start, the screen stays on the prompt 'celadon$'.






On Wed, Sep 26, 2018 at 10:15 AM Michael Goffioul <michael.goffioul@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi Tan,


It turned out that the "Install" entry from the boot menu also doesn't work: the device doesn't seem to boot and freezes with just a fixed black cursor in the top left corner. So the problem is not the live mode only. How can I debug this?





On Tue, Sep 25, 2018 at 8:52 PM Tan, Ming <ming.tan@intel.com> wrote:


  The live mode is supported.

  Can you try to use the Celadon P, not O-MR1? Some patchs will only exist in P, not in O-MR1?


  BR/Tan Ming.


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I've compiled the celadon image using the omr1 manifest. I trying to boot a device using N2930 CPU, in live mode, but the screen turns black right after selecting the boot entry and the device freeze. I understand this is not part of the officially tested platforms, but I'm willing to debug it (I used to compile Android-IA 7 and 8 and they were running fine on the same platform).


Is the live mode still supported and what can I try to at least get the device to start booting?