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Am 31.07.2019 11:18 schrieb Dominik Louven <dlouven@videro.com>:

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I am experiencing a really weird problem, I am trying to play a video file with the android MediaPlayer instance.
When I play some specific videos the Mediaplayer skips about 1 second of video footage, other videos with audio track work fine though.
If I remove the audio track with ffmpeg the video plays fine.

I have attached both the logcat output as well as the ffmpeg info output.

I can see some Audio related logs , the most confusing one is

createTrack_l(): mismatch between requested flags (00000008) and output flags (00000000)

Does anyone has any idea what I am doing wrong here ?

    MediaPlayer  mMediaPlayer = new MediaPlayer();

            if (mFile != null && mFile.exists()) {
                try {
                    // Try the Default Method of Creating the MediaPlayer
                    Uri mVideoUri = Uri.fromFile(getFile());
                    mMediaPlayer.setDataSource(getContext(), mVideoUri);
                } catch (Exception e) {

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