Hi everybody,

I was able to fix the issue myself, it was caused because I included the “TvSettings” by accident, which lead to the ResolverActivity not being able to pick something I guess.

Sorry for the confusion.

Best regards,

Dominik Louven

On 8. Mar 2019, at 13:00, Singh, Arun Kumar <arun.kumar.singh@intel.com> wrote:

Hi Ming,
Can you please help Dominik on boot
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Hello everybody,
I’m currently facing an issue again I thought was fixed a while back.
My NUC running celadon is stuck in the boot screen (android logo) when it’s connected to an 4K display. However, when I re-flash the image the first boot does not have this issue, but after a reboot it’s broken.
Interestingly enough I can start apps from command line and everything works as expected, it seems like the “overlay” with the boot logo is not correctly destoyed.
When I connect a keyboard I can “Alt-Tab” out of the boot screen.
I’ll attach my logs.
Best regards and thanks in advance,
Dominik Louven