September 11, 2019  |  WW37


Reminder - Join us at the Project Celadon Technical Community Meeting


We are launching monthly Technical Community Meetings for Project Celadon to provide a space to discuss Celadon features and listen to community feedback. Over time, as we continue exploring community interests and involvement, we'll increase the cadence of these meetings. TCMs will typically be held the second week of each month. Some of the technical topics up for discussion span across boot, security, storage, debug, power/performance and more. We'll also be looking to you, the Celadon community, for guidance on additional topics of interest.




September TCM Topic: Introduction to Celadon What is Celadon? Find out why developers and independent software vendors use Celadon and learn about supported platforms and use cases.


September TCM Topic: Android Debug Bridge over USB Debug Class infrastructure for the Celadon platform USB Debug Class infrastructure (DbC) is an ideal choice for platforms that don't have USB device controller IP, yet require debugging support. During this session, developers will learn how to enable DbC in Android kernels and how to use ADB over DbC for the Celadon platform.




Asia Pacific

Sept 12, Thursday 10:30am (India)

Sept 12, Thursday 1pm (China)


North America

Sept 11, Wednesday 10pm (PST)


Meeting Link

(Recommended to use Chrome instead of Internet Explorer when joining meeting using a browser)


*       Chairperson: Yogesh Marathe,, Intel

*       Presenter: Prabhat Pandey,, Intel

*       Online conference link:

*       Access code: 598 858 630


Online conference phone:


*       US: +1-210-795-1110  or  +1-866-662-9987 (Toll Free)

*       China: +86-400-810-0111  or  +86-10-800-712-2435 (Toll Free)

*       Germany: +49-69-2222-7804  or  +49-0800-000-3331 (Toll Free)

*       India: +91-80-61275208  or  +91-000-800-852-1234 (Toll Free)





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