Hello Krishna,


Currently Celadon doesn’t provide evaluation binaries but you may still see them in future for supported reference designs. With Celadon you can always get latest android faster, it differs in terms of capabilities that you can leverage from IA, in terms of compliance and quality.  Like Ming mentioned you can install it on other IA platforms, there could be minimal effort in some cases to enable them.  Please feel free to shoot your questions, discuss and share your feedback if you are willing to add new IA platforms to Celadon. Thanks.


May I know what’s the end usecase you are targeting?





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hi guys,


I was able to boot my compute card using the build from https://www.android-x86.org/download.html. How different is this from the celadon project?. I just had to flash the .iso image to a usb stick and install Android onto the compute card just like any other OS.


appreciate your feedback.




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Thanks Tan. I didn't see a lunch target for the M3128 compute card and hence wondering if it would work.




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Dear all:

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  But I have installed Celadon successfully in Intel® Compute Card CD1M3128MK and Intel® Compute Card CD1P64GK, and also in UP2 board at before.


  BR/Tan Ming


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We are investigating how Android works/behaves on various x86 chips for our work loads. The celadon project website only lists 2 reference platforms. Are these the only ones the Android build would work or is it possible that they will also work on other platforms like the Compute Card that has a Core-M3?.