Hi Bernard,


Until now eMMC boot & storage wasn’t scoped for APL Celadon, you can make a formal request if its needed for your product. If you are not a registered user, please register yourself on 01.org here. With same credentials of 01.org, you can raise new feature request for Celadon here (Choose project ‘CEL’ & issue type ‘Feature’, Choose platform (APL), mention the description & hit Create).  


We’ll try validating this on APL-NUC and get back to you if there is any progress.





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eMMC is not supported in celadon as of now.

Means that there is no support in kernel flinger, however the kernel drivers are in place, though it is not validated for eMMC boot or external storage.


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Shyjumon N.



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Subject: [01.org Celadon] NUC6CAYS/eMMC




I’ve been testing Celadon on two platforms, both with eMMC (NUC6CAYS and a Celeron N3350 APL device).  For the NUC6CAYS I’ve disabled the eMMC and used an SATA SSD.  Our final product plans, however, require use of eMMC storage.  Kernelflinger appears to not support the flavor of eMMC being used by these two devices.  When using a GRUB installer image, I’m able to lay it down, but the unit fails to boot and eventually shuts off.  Is there any guidance around usage of eMMC storage with Celadon?