Project Celadon Technical Community Meeting – February 2020
February TCM Topic: USB Audio Class 3.0 (UAC3) with Celadon
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*       Chairperson: Yogesh Marathe,, Intel; Senalka McDonald,, Intel
*       Presenters: Saranya Gopal, mailto:, Intel; Balaji M, Intel
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1 Celadon Introduction Prod Mgmt What is Celadon? Why someone shall use it? Supported platforms and brief of usecases September 11, 2019 Presented
1 ADB over DBC USB Explaination about xHCI extended Capability, Steps to enable DBC in kernel and How to use ADB over DBC for Celadon Platform. Benefits of using ADB over DBC September 11, 2019 Presented
2 Celadon Security Essentials & Enterprise Usage Security Platform harderning
New Q security features
Android Enterprise
October 9, 2019 Presented
3 CaaS Introduction Introduce CaaS to external community with Celadon offering especially in CIC and CVM November 13, 2019 Presented
4 TEE and Intel's TPM hardware binding reference Security H/w binding reference from Intel December 11, 2019 Presented
5 NNAPI features ML/AI Image classification, Object detection, Face recognition with Celadon January 8, 2020 Presented
6 UAC USB Learn about enabling USB UAC3 in Celadon February 12, 2020
6 Scaling optimizations Media Media scalar optimizations with and without app changes February 12, 2020
7 Tools - PnP, TaaS Celadon TaaS, PnP tools echosystems with Celadon March 11, 2020
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