Project Celadon Technical Community Meeting – May 2020
May TCM Topic: The Project Celadon Team will provide an overview of Android Over-the-Air (OTA) updates in Celadon. OTA updates are designed to upgrade an Android devices’ system, application software and time zone rules. Users will learn how to use OTA in CiC and CiV, along with which OTA updates are available on the Celadon roadmap. Join us!
Americas Meeting Information
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*       Chairperson: Yogesh Marathe,, Intel; Senalka McDonald,, Intel
*       Presenters: Xihua Chen,, Intel
Alternate conference phone:
*       Germany: +49-69-2222-7804  or  +49-0800-000-3331 (Toll Free)
No. Topic Domain Summary Date is in US Pacific time zone;
month/day/year format
5 NNAPI features ML/AI Image classification, Object detection, Face recognition with Celadon January 8, 2020 Presented
6 UAC USB Learn about enabling USB UAC3 in Celadon February 12, 2020 Presented
7 Performance Analysis Storage Intel Optane SSD and performance benefits, use case value additions, etc. March 11, 2020 Presented
8 Storage Update / Dessert Upgrades OTA Basic update, A/B System, dynamic update, firmware updates March 13, 2020
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