The GFX stack release (ww22) is ready on celadon github/projectceladon/


Patch List


Rebase to Mesa 18.3.5 to 18.3.6


Hwc(13 patches):

HWC: 13 patches

4c1177670d69f65bcd287f355851d154c52a9be2 Check if hwc is drm master by default in initialization

130d65a01afbbe95227b1c6c840bfa89755dbff6 The buffer interlace info should change to frame by frame

9bc722fd0d7ecd8a990f17234c0059bb181ddf43 Fix a misstike when LogicalDisplaymanager do present

8802564ba2366ebddc8b0e7dbf43f51ce92d38d8 Build libhwcservice as static library

d008bd2e394673b49e70d908bae3e53b6c2f9886 Fix the wrong method name in compiling error

7f2dcd2c1bbbe1f45490fa7617005a78c0559703 Ensure LogicalDisplay called LogicalDisplayManager::Present()

377abb00e330e6c98fd4856c8855ffc37d1e7ea9 Allow drm commit by default

adf0c36a8d43c0162f10f6d70c9c0bcacf88f6f8 Added the Panorama dynamic turn on/off feature.

e9ecf2d61ee8c463ce75d72dc98f8b9b40e53341 Update GPUDevice thread for DRM-master setting/dropping

cc914c3e16e82fefb7c459e68a119d1aff666075 Fix a null pointer bug after hwctrace enabled.

76e33c9ce88aee255e60828089022f8b3a3d3f6b fix build error

f0a8cf3bb16fccd836e8d971c1013fc2d6472ff2 Add nullpoint checking for GetBuffer invoking.

0b4757767f147cf84011083e38a0d36cf567a323 Fix create/destroy VDS issue