Hi Arshad,


Yes, platform search is work in progress, the limitation there is with availability of h/w where MIPI-CSI is supported and also the h/w which community developers can order / use easily.  Currently, MIPI-CSI is not supported but if work is not related camera directly (e.g. image /sensor tuning etc) and video stream is just an input for something else (e.g. algorithms) even usb camera would work with Celadon as a stop gap.





From: Mehmood, Arshad
Sent: Thursday, October 4, 2018 5:37 AM
To: Marathe, Yogesh <yogesh.marathe@intel.com>; celadon@lists.01.org
Subject: MIPI-CSI pass through support on Celadon


Hi Yogesh,

   Is there a plan to include MIPI-CSI camera pass through support on Celadon ?

Having a pass through support will enable customers to use variety of soc sensor cameras on their own.