The ww49 GFX stack release is ready on
The release pass the GFX sanity tests and PnP tests on celadon (IVI) and CTS tests.
This round release include fix for following bugs and improvements:
Mesa Upgrade to 18.2.6.
Enable RBC feature.
Fix PAVP issues in HWC.
Fix several CTS issue in mesa.
Patch List


Rebase from Mesa 18.2.2 RC4 to Mesa 18.2.6Nove29

4 new android specific patch:

9e21d486288216e7b3aa3ee8170467bc4aeed5e1 FROMLIST: SQUASH: i965: SIMD32 selection heuristics
c9f0060934b0c6dd19ab6a7e9f3c9b33de24b7ef UPSTREAM: i965: Disable dual source blending when shader doesn't support it on gen8+
4c2b167a9c576117f09b65d8d5f229be73b3739d UPSTREAM: i965: Lift restriction in external textures for EGLImage support
6d4787174790a9e42552353d0596748b60f474b4 UPSTREAM: i965: Respect GL_TEXTURE_SRGB_DECODE_EXT in GenerateMipmaps()

0e751d615ff569f93f8475907d1a5a32fea42140 Revert "Remove ENABLE_RBC to disable rbc"

6138e80c7b892255c78fd5683720286fe9fe174d Android: disable use modificators in some situation

d6a46f6708530119b631ad7a5c90b0236d28fd21 Check null pointer before using layer buffer.

70f73245e632b69eeb6c1c3ab881645d4243056c Do not need translate when source crop is not (0, 0)

d9f3977520119976e6e5bb26497c524b1a2a89e4 PAVP: when set display plane, the plane should in use true

dd1977a5c979275d21aeb974c62049462ea97593 Fix two marjor issues blocking PAVP playback in HWC

bc7f896c2035101d6fb89c962f7269a4b52d5389 Fix Alpha calculation error

32524365c0cbb68f4f74b7422e4979aa17be22d0 Update to point to project wiki pages

a2bb2cafab06cb1c28b3603324725ea853b0f88d Do not need change surface damage rect

748c488f85ed609731b9a3c9c3f993df6da27d88 Add full color range support

5b584dbd04f071be2d0cf2fa7563299e3f0ee0b1 Fix the error in non-black SolidColor patch

f435055d0425cd409a32128349edea458c448071 Add support for Non-black SolidColor type

28405f935604faa2054ce3e3eb964c8e412a27b1 Android: Fix the compile warning

2dbfce8f351d019039dc0797a343a306bb493c33 SetProtected: fix logic error

c3698116f82387d81a097698d13cb68f07687310 Rename HwcBuffer to HwcMeta

56d03940b417b58086c9056ab0d8b93d509a5455 Do not need change size from source crop to display rect

cf7b83e5e1b305dd5beedc18ff4ed1c2886d3dfe Add support for the Color Depth control

9afacce9c5d77881955990575846e9d12ee6c635 Fix Critical KW issue:Buffer Overflow

9c2fcf1bcaa261bb522c66d07067fd2bc41e2b7f Clean error log in HWC

9b67852d7fb0655264356ce773bbc403683e856e Separate disable_overlay and disable_explictsync