Ok, I'll try that (although my target is really O-MR1, not P). In the meantime, can you answer these 2 questions:
1) I went through the mailing list archive and found instructions from May explaining that mixin.spec needs to be modified to use live boot. Is this till required?
2) Without making any code change, I needed to apply this patch in bootable/liveinstaller for the build to succeed (the same problem already existed in Android-IA):

diff --git a/Android.mk b/Android.mk
index 4c204c4..0a9995b 100644
--- a/Android.mk
+++ b/Android.mk
@@ -86,6 +86,7 @@ $(PROJECT_CELADON-EFI): $(GRUB_FILES) | $(install_mbr)
                blksize=$$(($$blksize + $$size)); \
        done; \
        blksize=$$(($$(($$blksize + 64)) * 1024));      \
+       blksize=$$((blksize + (63 - (blksize % 63))));  \
        rm -f $@.fat; mkdosfs -n PROJECTCELADON -C $@.fat $$blksize
        mcopy -Qsi $@.fat $(BOOT_DIR)/* $^ ::


On Tue, Sep 25, 2018 at 8:52 PM Tan, Ming <ming.tan@intel.com> wrote:


  The live mode is supported.

  Can you try to use the Celadon P, not O-MR1? Some patchs will only exist in P, not in O-MR1?


  BR/Tan Ming.


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Subject: [01.org Celadon] Boot failure


I've compiled the celadon image using the omr1 manifest. I trying to boot a device using N2930 CPU, in live mode, but the screen turns black right after selecting the boot entry and the device freeze. I understand this is not part of the officially tested platforms, but I'm willing to debug it (I used to compile Android-IA 7 and 8 and they were running fine on the same platform).


Is the live mode still supported and what can I try to at least get the device to start booting?