Hi Kumar,

Thanks for your help.

I’ve tried re-encoding the video in various formats and can confirm that it’s neither working with any h264 nor h265 video files.

I have a pixel 3 XL and can confirm it’s not working on the pixel phone.

Hope you can find a fix soon, let me know if I can help.

Best regards,

Dominik Louven 

On 2. Aug 2019, at 11:15, M, Kumar K <kumar.k.m@intel.com> wrote:

Hi Dominic,
We checked this issue with the stream you provided. It looks like an AV sync issue and also observable with seek operation.
We observed the same behavior on multiple files with AAC codecs(AAC LC, HE AAC..).
As we are using Google soft codecs for Celadon, we referred Google Pixel device behavior with provided file. The same behavior is observed on Pixel device too.
We are checking further to root cause and will update.
Kumar KM
From: Dominik Louven <dlouven@videro.com> 
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Subject: Re: [01.org Celadon] Mediaplayer skips roughly first second if video has audio track
Hi Kumar,
I can reproduce this issue with the gallery app.
I did forgot to mention that my media player is playing the video on a SurfaceTexture via mMediaPlayer.setSurface(mSurface);
At the beginning of the video there is a fade in of the logo which I am not able to see, the video starts playing with the logos already faded in.
I have made a screen recording of my NUC so you can see what I mean :
Watch closely for the beginning of the clip with the white background…
Best regards,
Dominik Louven

On 31. Jul 2019, at 12:06, M, Kumar K <kumar.k.m@intel.com> wrote:
Hi Dominik,
createTrack_l(): mismatch between requested flags (00000008) and output flags (00000000)
The above log indicates that deep buffer playback is not supported but it gets played as a normal stream.
We could not reproduce from Gallery App when playing a video with media properties mentioned in attached file (media_info.txt).
Can you try playing the same videos from Gallery App and please share the specific videos to debug further.
Kumar KM
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Subject: [01.org Celadon] Mediaplayer skips roughly first second if video has audio track

Hi all,

I am experiencing a really weird problem, I am trying to play a video file with the android MediaPlayer instance.
When I play some specific videos the Mediaplayer skips about 1 second of video footage, other videos with audio track work fine though.
If I remove the audio track with ffmpeg the video plays fine.

I have attached both the logcat output as well as the ffmpeg info output.

I can see some Audio related logs , the most confusing one is 

createTrack_l(): mismatch between requested flags (00000008) and output flags (00000000)

Does anyone has any idea what I am doing wrong here ?

            MediaPlayer  mMediaPlayer = new MediaPlayer();

            if (mFile != null && mFile.exists()) {
                try {
                    // Try the Default Method of Creating the MediaPlayer
                    Uri mVideoUri = Uri.fromFile(getFile());
                    mMediaPlayer.setDataSource(getContext(), mVideoUri);
                } catch (Exception e) {

Best regards,

Dominik Louven