Currently in Celadon, we use the Google’s test key to sign the vbmeta.


  BR/Tan Ming.


From: Celadon [] On Behalf Of Bernard Carter
Sent: Saturday, January 26, 2019 12:40 AM
Subject: [ Celadon] User Builds/Incremental Updates




I’m trying to work through the steps of compiling a user build with the goal of testing two things:  Eliminate AVB warning messages during boot and generating/applying an incremental update package.


Is there any NUC/Intel platform guidance available beyond what’s available in the AVB docs:  I’ve generated a certificate for signing, but I’m unclear if I need to somehow add it as a platform key on the device (NUC6CAYH).


Is there other commercialization advice available?  Our target is a non-play certified NUC based device that is validated against a small number of Digital Signage ISV platforms.