Hi Jose,

On Aug 27, 2017, at 10:48 AM, Jose Blanquicet <blanquicet@gmail.com> wrote:

In my initial idea I proposed to perform passive scan, no matter the
BackgroundScanning value, when user performs a Scan() D-Bus call to
ensure all networks are found. However, while trying to implement it
and due to the reasons I explained before, I realized that it could
also increase the auto-connection procedure with the default ConnMan's
configuration, i.e. BackgroundScanning enabled. Therefore, I am now
limiting this change to users who manually disabled

Patrik, Daniel, what do you think?

Jonah, please test this patch:

Thanks for your efforts thinking through the code, and getting the patch put together!

I tested the patch you provided, and it does appear to solve the problem as described.  I'll promote that patch into my dev fleet, and let you know if I notice any other bad behaviors.

I tested the patch you posted.  While I never saw any dbus-requested scans failing, I did notice an increase in the number of my dev units falling offline after a reboot.  In each case I've tested, as soon as dbus Scan() was initiated, the previously associated network was seen and joined. While I haven't looked for exactly where, I am guessing that there is some hole in the connman startup logic where it needs to request a wpa_s Passive scan as well.

Perhaps it would be best to always follow an active scan with a passive one?  Or perhaps BackgroundScanning should just be forced to 'true'?

It seems that connman may be depending too much on somewhat undocumented behaviors of wpa_supplicant and the cfg80211 driver layers, and it's being exposed to these bugs.

I'm curious for your thoughts!  For now, I'm reverting to BackgroundScanning = true.