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I'm a better writer than I am a speaker, so before I go to talk to people about things, I write my words down and read what I've written out loud and to my dogs (they say they don't mind). That way I don't jumble my words when it's go time.


However, I have the gift of drawing people in (I get it from my Dad, who is a gifted speaker), and I'm told I'm enigmatic. That helps when I'm trying to get what I want, as I'm able to explain it to people in a relatable way. Actually, yes, relatability is key. If you can figure out what your audience wants to hear and deliver it to them in a specific manner, you're going to get what you want. Maybe not the first time, but as long as you're not afraid of hearing the word 'no' (I LOVE the word no - party time!), then you'll end up with the prize. Be persistent.


Good luck, sir/madam.


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