On 12/11/2017 10:51, Daniel Wagner wrote:
Hi Marco,

Hi Daniel,
sorry for the late reply.

On 11/06/2017 03:46 PM, Marco Gigante wrote:
Hi all,
I'm new to connman. I'm writing here to ask for informations about
proposing modifications to connman.


I made changes to connman for a project I'm working on, which required
to send a fixed hostname in connman dhcp requests during network
interface configuration (regardless of the actual system hostname).
My system hostname may change since its startup, so I added a
configuration option to put into main.conf to have a fixed hostname into
dhcp requests.

It's a while since since I touched that code. So my knowledge is a bit rusty. I suspect you know the details better than me. So bear with me :)

So I checked what we currently do. If I am not completely mistaken we
extract the hostname and domain name at ConnMan startup time in the loopback plugin. There is no tracking if the hostname changes over time.

It looks so to me too, as far as I can understand from a more in dept check I did by following your description.
My connman knowledge is pretty poor, I just made changes to suite the project needs I'm working on.

And then we have some code for "org.freedesktop.hostname1" (src/machine.c) in place. Which just extracts the machine type. This code is able to track hostname changes provided org.freedesktop.hostname1 is doing its job.

I rather like to avoid adding the hostname setting into connman config file. It would be better to extract this from the main source.

So I suggest to extend the src/machine.c code instead. Provided this works. Probably loopback.c should only used as fallback if org.freedesktop.hostname1 is not working.

Thanks for the references. Not sure I will be able to allocate some bandwidth to add hostname tracking in the following days. Should I'll be able to have some patches, I'll send them for sure.

Can such a modification be of any interest? I would be more than happy
to send a patch so you can evaluate it.

Yes, of course. Having some patches (even though they might just be a prove of concept) are usually much better to understand and to discuss.

Going to send the patch.

My need was to set the hostname to a well known value. My system boots with, lets say, 'host-factory' hostname and during its running time the hostname may become 'host-id', where id is a host identifier locally defined. Also the end-user can manually change the hostname from system gui and restart the network, hence connman.
The problem is that the dhcp request can contain either 'host-factory' or 'host-id' depending upon who runs first between connman dhcp client and id negotiator component or end-user actions.
The dhcp server in my network assigns IP addresses depending upon host type, inferred by client hostname.

I also want to ask whether I can eventually send the git formatted-patch
directly to this ML or I have to follow some other procedure.

Yes, 'git send-email' is the preferred contribution way on this mailing list. Same procedures and etiquette as on LKML :)

I just realized, while up-merging my changes from connman v1.33 to latest v1.35, that 'VendorClassID' config option has been added, and I guess it could be used for my needs in some way.
Anyhow, patch already done :-) The code should follow LKML etiquette.


Thank you