Hi, Daniel,

I found an attempt to implement EAP parameters via D-Bus apiĀ https://lists.01.org/pipermail/connman/2010-August/002420.html.

Could you merge proposed patch to resolve my issue or this patch should be reworked according to some way suggested in mailing list?

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On Sun, Nov 12, 2017 at 12:05 PM, Daniel Wagner <wagi@monom.org> wrote:
Hi Vasyl,

On 11/06/2017 11:40 PM, Vasyl Vavrychuk wrote:
I have implemented GUI for connman which in particular connects to 802.1x services.

Since for them we have to use provision file I have following simple algorithm.

1. Write connection parameters in provision file and flush it.
2. Call connman service Connect method via D-Bus.

But it looks like sometimes I have Connect handled sooner than provision file reloaded.

I am not 100% sure, but looking at the source code I think that this situation is at least theoretically possible. Isn't it?

I think this race is real. ConnMan uses inotify to monitor changes in the /var/lib/connman directory. Whenever a file is updated it will take some time until ConnMan sees the changes. ConnMan itself is single threaded and therefore all changes have been processed or they haven't.

Anyway not really sure how to fix this. They only way I see is to add a D-Bus call which writes the provisioning to the disc. Though this idea has not been popular around here. I personally don't mind having such an extension.