I am trying to use connman+ofono to connect to internet using TELIT 910 EUG modem chip.


Versions Used: Connman:1.34 and Ofono:1.20


To establish the internet connection I am using the python scripts within the ofono/test directory as follows:







/usr/lib/ofono/test/create-internet-context  web.vodafone.de vodafone vodafone




After this I could see that the device gets the IP address, gateway and nameserver as shown below,
ofono_start_gsm.sh[192]:     Interface is wwan0
ofono_start_gsm.sh[192]:     IP address is
ofono_start_gsm.sh[192]:     Gateway is
ofono_start_gsm.sh[192]:     Nameserver is
At this point I excepted Connman to connect to the internet but it doesn't. I am seeing the following error message from Connman,
connmand[186]: Online check failed for 0x50db78 Vodafone. 
From the debug message I understood that connman is not able to connect to the internet(status 400).


But if I run manually dhclient on wwan0 interface, I could connect to the internet. It puzzles me, why it is not working with connman. Any help on this topic would be great J



Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards

Vinothkumar Eswaran