Hmmm, Agent as in 'connmanctl> agent on'?

Which distro are you using? On the RPIs, I do not believe that raspbian (whatever it is called now) has kernel support for iwd so I don't believe that it is a candidate for an investigation. I could be wrong, though and the current version might. I do have 2 laptops with Arch on them right now and can install something else on one of them. I find it strange that all Arch Linux installs fail in this test and would like to see if a different distro may behave differently. It would be preferable that it run on an RPi, but I could put it on the laptop...


On Wed, Sep 30, 2020 at 1:25 AM Daniel Wagner <wagi@monom.org> wrote:
> Looking at this a bit more.  Arch patches connman-polkit.conf when  the
> package is built. This is the patch:
> $ cat allow_group_network.diff
> --- a/src/connman-polkit.conf   2010-11-05 12:09:04.285423955 -0200
> +++ b/src/connman-polkit.conf   2010-11-05 12:10:53.041423934 -0200
> @@ -5,6 +5,9 @@
>          <allow own="net.connman"/>
>          <allow send_interface="net.connman.Agent"/>
>      </policy>
> +    <policy group="network">
> +       <allow send_interface="net.connman.Agent"/>
> +    </policy>
>      <policy context="default">
>          <allow send_destination="net.connman"/>
>      </policy>
> Could this be a culprit?

This controls access to the Agent API. As far I can tell, the problems
you describe are not related to the Agent (yet).