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Subject: Re: connman and openvpn
From: Daniel Wagner
To: Cliff McDiarmid ,


On 1/4/19 10:24 PM, Cliff McDiarmid wrote:
> Hi
> I'm using CMST to create a openvpn tunnel with connman. Manually I can
> bring up a VPN service.

Okay, that is good to hear.

> When creating a VPN does connman require the 'openvpn-client@service' to
> be runnng or does it start an instance of Openvpn itself?

This looks like you a systemd service file. ConnMan (connman-vpnd)
starts OpenVPN itself via a start script.

> I ask because I'm having problems getting the client service running and
> also VPN with Connman

You need to run both deamons: connmand and connman-vpnd.

See man connman-vpn-profider.config