Has anyone in the list been able to look at this?  Id appreciate some help.




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My apologies for not posting to the list originally.

Attached is a new log, with further the further instrumentation.  As you notice on line 798 of the log, in __connman_ipconfig_save, the gateway is being saved correctly.  The next time ipconfig_save is called, all ipv4 entries have been cleared.  As a result what is currently in the configuration file except for the gateway is re-saved.  As I trace the log, I'm not sure if having all the ipv4 members cleared is really what is supposed to happen.

You said to also use gdb and give you a stack trace.  Where would you like to see the trace from?


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Please don't drop the mailing list. This is the last time I'll say this.

On Wed, Nov 13, 2019 at 05:01:10PM +0000, Thomas Green wrote:
> Here are two logs that capture the problem.  One is much longer (we have a lot of wireless APs) and one that is a little more focused.

Here is when the config is reloaded triggered by the last connect. As you can see the gateway is not set.

connmand[2761]: ../connman-1.37/src/ipconfig.c:__connman_ipconfig_load() ipconfig 0x715e50 identifier ethernet_0008720978d7_cable
connmand[2761]: ../connman-1.37/src/inet.c:connman_inet_set_address() index 3 address prefix_len 24
connmand[2761]: ../connman-1.37/src/inet.c:__connman_inet_modify_address() cmd 0x14 flags 0x104 index 3 family 2 address peer (null) prefixlen 24 broadcast (null)
connmand[2761]: ../connman-1.37/src/ipconfig.c:__connman_ipconfig_gateway_add()
connmand[2761]: ../connman-1.37/src/ipconfig.c:__connman_ipconfig_gateway_add() type 1 gw (null) peer (null)
connmand[2761]: ../connman-1.37/src/connection.c:__connman_connection_gateway_add() service 0x705850 index 3 gateway vpn ip (null) type 1
connmand[2761]: ../connman-1.37/src/service.c:connman_service_ref_debug() 0x705850 ref 2 by ../connman-1.37/src/connection.c:403:add_gateway()

So no suprise the gateway is not set. The question is why ipconfig is updated.

I starred for a while at the log but I couldn't really trace what's really the source of the gateway update which set it's to NULL. I suggest you instrument the code at __connman_ipconfig_gateway_add(), __connman_ipconfig_load(), __connman_ipconfig_save() and __connman_ipconfig_set_gateway(). Also you might want add a breakpoint with gdb and post the stack trace.


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