Hi Daniel

It also seems to me that some states are not cleared. I attached the agent logs and also all the logs produced when using connmanctl.

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De : Daniel Wagner <wagi@monom.org>
Envoyé : 9 janvier 2020 08:28
À : Karine Ouellet <ouelle11@hotmail.com>
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Objet : Re: Connection to WPA fails following connect-failed error
Hi Karine,

On Tue, Jan 07, 2020 at 08:10:27PM +0000, Karine Ouellet wrote:
> 4. Try to connect to the first service (used in the initial state above). We​ should be able to connect to the service without user input. However, we systematically receive the following error at the first attempt.
> connmanctl> connect <first_service>
> Agent ReportError <first_service>
>   connect-failed
> Error /net/connman/service/<first_service>: Input/output error
> Agent request cancelled by ConnMan
> 5. Redo the previous operation. This time, the connection is done properly.
> $ connmanctl> connect <first_service>
> Connected <first_service>
> Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated!

This sounds like as if the agent code in ConnMan caches some state and
doesn't update it correctly. The state should be tracked by services,
so it's kind of unclear to me how the second service is able to
interfere with the first one. I suggest to enable the log for the
agent code and try to figure out what is going on, e.g. connmand -n -d
src/agent.c. Maybe you need to enable the logs (connmand -n -d) but
that might be too much info. Also if you don't see any interesting,
add more DBG() statements to see what the state machine is doing.

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