Hi Daniel,

Den lör 18 jan. 2020 kl 18:07 skrev Daniel Wagner <wagi@monom.org>:

I think the current version is in good shape. We have a few 'new'
features, such as VPN revamp, WireGuard support and iwd 1.0
support. Also the usual bug fixes. 

Is there anything properly annoying with the current HEAD?

I have experienced a new issue after the openvpn rework.
Now if running over a cellular connection and if that connection  goes up
and down "rapidly", (fast enough for openvpn still being connection when it goes down).
We can end up in a state where the VPN is not brought up when
the connection goes up again.

This did not happen on 038eb34a9e56e54f710c8a4fb2d407cfed62fdac,
but happens on 2b5f5024728c2911dfd8cda71fece603cab81d05