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Thanks for checking into this.

On Aug 11, 2017, at 2:43 AM, Jose Blanquicet <> wrote:

]So, according to the your dbus logs, there should not exist any AP using 2437 in your range, is it true? Try to do what I did and modify the settings file of your "known-service" to a frequency you are sure there are APs in your range. Doing so you should be able see them now. Remember to kill ConnMan before modifying that settings file then re-launch ConnMan or just reboot your system to get the changes applied.

There are 6 other networks using 2437 in range.  I am in a downtown area with LOTS of APs.  So that's not it.

> My 2ยข: If "Active" scanning will indeed only return results for the SSIDs mentioned in the scan parameters, then I think ConnMan should *always* schedule a passive scan afterwards, perhaps by just calling wifi_scan_simple() in the scan_callback() of an active scan.
> Thoughts?

That sounds reasonable. You should just take into account the timing, you cannot immediately ask wpa_supplicant for another scan because it could just be discarded due to there is another ongoing. That second passive scan needs to be done once you are sure the active scan has finished. You could try to implement this, I will think if this is the best we can do. Then we can test and discuss the options.

Can you say more about the expected behavior of wpa_supplicant?  The wpa_s dbus docs say nothing about scans being ignored, so now I'm worried that I can't trust them.