Dead con man developers,
I am working on a dbus client to control connman to handle WiFi connections.
I'm a bit confused about what is che right procedure.
Currently I'm getting the list of services from the Manager,  spawning an agent for connman to retrieve the password and using the Connect /Disconnect method of the service object to connect.
I have two issues:
- the first one is that connman after the first successful connection doesn't call the agent anymore is possible to have this?
- is possible to detect if connman is already trying to connect to some other network?
- if the password is wrong where I should get the error, in the agent or in the connect?
- I have also to handle a modem: is possible to set the APN from connman?
- how I can set the priorities between Ethernet/WiFi/4g of the networks from dbus?

Thank you
Nicola Lunghi

On Thu 5 Dec 2019, 07:46 Daniel Wagner, <> wrote:

On Wed, Nov 27, 2019 at 03:11:56PM +1100, JH wrote:
> Hi,
> I am using dbus to query 4G LTE signaling strength level from
> "Strength" and get -80 or -100, is it from RSSI?

ConnMan forwards the Strength (or DataStrength in case of 1xEVDO) property

> dbus_message_new_method_call("net.connman", "/",
> "net.connman.Manager", "GetServices");
> ....
> How reliable for the values getting from connman dbus 4G LTE signaling
> strength level?

IIRC, this depends on the modem firmware. If it reports correct and
current values to oFono you should be usable.

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