Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your time I appreciate it. On our target what I can see is that if I let connman/wpa_supplicant manage the scanning I end up with an empty list frequently which then causes my application to fail since it cannot find the service to connect to. Is this is a bug or is this a situation that my application need to take into consideration and if so the action to take is to trigger a scan?

Måns Zigher 

Den lör 25 aug. 2018 kl 17:14 skrev Daniel Wagner <wagi@monom.org>:
Hi Måns,

On 08/23/2018 11:44 AM, Måns Zigher wrote:
> I am developing an application that is using the dbus api. The
> application will setup the wifi for the unit. I am struggling a bit to
> see the best practice for making sure we have fully updated list of
> services. I know I can configure connman to automatically scan by
> using BackgroundScanning which is by default set to true. Is the best
> practice to let connman manage the scanning or should my application
> trigger a scan whenever needed. The default scan schedule for connman is
> not enough as I see it but I know you can setup a scan schedule in
> wpa_supplicant but it looks like connman is starting wpa_supplicant so I
> am not sure how to change this default scan schedule that connman is
> setting up. Any comments are appreciated.

The theory is that the application/user shouldn't worry about scanning.
Even ConnMan shouldn't worry about this. Unfortunately, wpa_supplicant
doesn't do the full job. That's why ConnMan's wpa_supplicant plugin is
so complex (a mess).

Obviously, there are scenarios where you want to tell ConnMan do a scan
now. But you should not constantly tell ConnMan to do a scan. I am sure
this will have some nasty side effects.

Alternatively, you could give iwd a try. Though the current plugin is
only supported the very basic stuff. Needs some more work.