Hello everybody,

I need to have ad-hoc support into connman. I have a project that will use B.A.T.M.A.N mesh protocol so i need ad-hoc mode for using it.  By doing a small look into source code of connman and its git history i see that ad-hoc network are discard from connman. For example you can look the commit cd9d9e6b485cf730275680d8a4260003b206a1ae Ignore WiFI networks with IBSS (adhoc mode)

Do it have some particular reason to discard ad-hoc support from connman ? (Does it conflict with other feature supported by connman for example). And if i start a work to add ad-hoc mode to connman does it have a change to be mainlined ?

Every glues to add this support in a proper way are welcome.

Best regards,