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[PATCHv2] gpio: add simple get/set helpers for GPIO lines
by Martin Hundebøll
10 months, 1 week
[PATCH] unit: Fix Clang 8 "-Wstring-plus-int" warning
by Ossama Othman
10 months, 2 weeks
[PATCH 0/2] Allow connection to a tcp dbus address
by Ramon Henrique
11 months, 3 weeks
[PATCH 1/2] cipher: add AES-CTR
by James Prestwood
11 months, 4 weeks
[PATCH] ecc: add checks for zero, one and order
by James Prestwood
12 months
[PATCH 0/2] Fix unit tests under Clang build.
by Ossama Othman
1 year
[PATCH] genl: Be more careful with termination of genl names
by Mat Martineau
1 year
[PATCH v2] util: Make l_container_of macro public
by Michał Lowas-Rzechonek
1 year
[PATCH] util: Added l_container_of macro
by Michał 'Khorne' Lowas-Rzechonek
1 year
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