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These benchmarks were performed with Vendor IPS signatures that unfortunately can’t be distributed, and I’m fairly sure they were performed using an internal benchmarking tool. Certainly (if you’re scanning network traffic in a PCAP file) it’s possible to perform simple single-threaded benchmarks with the pcapscan example code we distribute with Hyperscan:




We are currently working on a more sophisticated benchmarking tool (derived from our internal tools) that will be distributed with future releases and will allow you to collect more data and easily do multi-threaded benchmarking. I’d expect this to ship with the next Hyperscan release, and we’ll probably make it available even earlier.


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I read https://networkbuilders.intel.com/docs/1645-Hyperscan-Performance-Benchmark-on-Intel-Xeon-Processors.pdf, where the excellent results of hyperscan are show cased.


I was wondering whether the code and rules used to perform the benchmark are accessible.




Howling Cat



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