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Thanks for the bug report.


You’re quite right – it looks like the handling for Hyperscan scratch regions is not safe when the config is being reloaded by the reload thread. I will look into this further and fix it in a new version of the Hyperscan Snort patch.


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Sent: Thursday, December 22, 2016 5:18 PM
To: hyperscan <hyperscan@lists.01.org>
Subject: [Hyperscan] Hyperscan snort patch : snort-2982-hyperscan-v2.tar.gz



    I am trying to build Snort2.9.8.2 with Hyperscan patch,and snort with hyerscan works fine for the first time;

    Howerver, when I send a SIGHUP SIGNAL to restart snort's process,the process will reload its config(snort.conf) and report a error:


    $ killall -1 snort


     snort output:


    [ Port Based Pattern Matching Memory ]

    +--[ Intel Hyperscan Summary ]--------------------------------

    | Hyperscan version   : 4.3.0 2016-12-02

    | Number of databases : 470

    | Memory (MB)         : 5.72

    | Scratch (KB)        : 5.12


    Session Reload: Reference Count Non-zero for old configuration.


        --== Reload Complete ==--


    ERROR: hs_scan() failed: error -1

    Fatal Error, Quitting..



     I got stuck in this error,maybe I miss something?

     Thanks in advance for your help!