I wanted to follow up from last week. I have been trying to reach you about our drone product I had sent about a week ago.

This email is just let you know that in our stock we have this smart drone right now, ready to send to worldwide customers.

Up to 2KM flight range;
About 28 minutes of flight time.
Double GPS positioning
Level-7 wind resistance
Failsafe Return to Home (Low battery voltage or RC signal loss)
Intelligent flight modes (Follow me, Orbit and Waypoint)
Auxiliar bottom LED light;
Dual-camera system (6K frontal and 1080P belly)
2-axis gimbal with remote angle control

1-20 units  289.50 each 
20-50 units 279.50 each
50-100 units 269.50 each

You can order it today, just answer our email and send your delivery address, we will make the shipment for you.

Jeff Young