Hi Matt,

There are several questions I didn't answer clearly in the last meeting. Here I try to write them down:

1 My name pronunciation
Geliang Tang sounds like Glenn Town.

2 My ideal meeting time
Every hour from 11am to 6pm (my location time-zone) at every working day is fine to me to attend the meeting.

3 What would you like to work on?
I'm interested in the BPF topic in the last meeting. But I don't have any idea about this at the moment. Can you please give me more detail about it and I'll spend some time to learn it.


在 2020年6月24日星期三,Matthieu Baerts <matthieu.baerts@tessares.net> 写道:
Hello everybody!

Our public MPTCP upstreaming weekly web conference is scheduled for

The list of topics is available here:

Feel free to add/modify topics!

Anybody can join the meeting using Google Meet website/app/phone:

Speak to you tomorrow!
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