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[PATCH_v4 0/5] Private network request to ConnMan
by Guillaume Zajac
1 day, 8 hours
Read/Write EFcfis/EFcphs-cff files
by Jeevaka Badrappan
1 day, 12 hours
[PATCH] Simcom support
by Anthony Viallard
1 day, 12 hours
by Daser Jnr.
3 months, 4 weeks
Small query
by Kallumari Nagaraja Rao, RammohanX
7 years, 2 months
[PATCH 1/2] hfpmodem: hfpmodem.c make sure to use none_prefix
by Kuba Pawlak
7 years, 3 months
[PATCH] hfp_ag_bluez5: use none prefix for AT+BCC.
by Kuba Pawlak
7 years, 3 months
[PATCH 1/2] Telit HE910 general fixes for gprs, sms and voicecall
by Enrico Sau
7 years, 3 months
ofono+connman he910
by Alexey Mednyy
7 years, 3 months
RE: Using ofono for location service
by Rajashekharaiah, Kiran KumarX
7 years, 3 months
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