Thanks for the responses Denis !!

On Jan 11, 2017 5:53 PM, "Denis Kenzior" <> wrote:
Hi Naveen,

On 01/11/2017 01:39 PM, Naveen Kumar Danturi wrote:
Hi Ofono team,
Is there a support in ofono for multiple PDN connections in parallel ?
If so what interfaces/API's it exposes to connman to manage multiple
APN's ? If so, I have these 2 questions :

Yes, oFono can activate multiple active contexts, assuming the hardware & driver supports this.  See doc/connman-api.txt.  This is the same interface ConnMan is using currently.  However, ConnMan only manages a single context of type="internet".  I think there were some patches for ConnMan to support multiple active internet contexts, but I'm not sure if they ever were accepted upstream.

a)  How ofono/connman able to construct / destruct routing tables on
data connections for multiple APNs and makes sure that IP traffic goes
to the right IP interface/APN ?

All routing table management is outside of oFono's area of responsibility.  Typically an application would use direct interface binding to use contexts that are not managed by ConnMan.

b)How ofono/connman ensures that domain name searches are performed via
right IP interface/APN to the right name server. Provide mechanism to
keep track of name servers associated with each APN ? I believe Linux
only provides a mechanism for a single APN via /etc/resolv.con

Again, this is outside of oFono's area of responsibility.  We only provide the DNS information for each context.

c) Is it configurable from upper layers to ensure that if IPV6 is
available then IPV6 routing and name discovery is used ?

Not oFono's responsibility either.