2013/3/29 Freedreamer <freedreamer@email.it>

2013/3/28 Denis Kenzior <denkenz@gmail.com>

Hi ,
got new information. I start gdb and backtrace and i found where is the
seg fault. The function "decode_at_error"  doesn't check if *error or
*final are NULL... and in my case they are.
if  I put a check in the function it remains stuck waiting AT cmd reply....

The wakeup logic should only be used with the Freerunner.  Please disable it unless you know what you're doing.  Something else is wrong.


Denis u were right... removing wakeup cmd it seems it works again also on the embedded board.Now i will work on ppp and connman integration.


I almost finished the driver..seems to work properly also on the embedded device (just for SMS & PPP ). If I would like to share the code .. how should I procede? would u like a patch posted here or a git  pull request ? or what else ?

another issue  : anyone could explain what module should I see to properly set the ppp0 interface once  got a valid IP from the PPP ?

Best regards.