I have a problem in that my Huawei E303 is not being properly detected by ofono i.e GetModems returns an empty array.

It is working well on Ubuntu (linux 3.2.0-58-generic) but not on my embedded SIgma platform (linux 2.6.35)

The option driver/usbserial driver seem to be correctly loaded. mode switch is also ok as the USB serial devices seem to be created ok.

I am using ofono 1.14.

Ofono detects that ttyUSB0,1,2 are available and calls add_modem.

As my setup is not normal, I am now trying to debug the system myself.

On the Sigma platform, it seems like the huawei plugin functions in huawei.c are not being called as on the ubuntu platform.

So the question is how are those functions in huawei.c being called?

Any explanation would be greatly appreciated.