I'm having a spurious problem where the D-Bus error reply to a context activation isn't being sent back.  This is happenning in the following sequence, where registration is lost while in the midst of activating the context.  Not like I can recreate this, but I've received a log from an occurance in the field.  I'm running ofono 1.12 with a Cinterion PH8-P driver that I wrote.


Here's a trace of the relevant sequence.  I should receive a D-Bus reply from the last line's pri_activate_callback() but I don't.  Does anyone see anything odd here, and any reason why the reply wouldn't be being sent?  Thanks.


09:20:42.300 gprs-context.c:317          at_gprs_activate_primary cid 1

09:20:42.302 ph8.c:122                   ph8_debug Mdm: > AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","xxxxxxxx"\r

09:20:42.531 ph8.c:122                   ph8_debug App: < \r\n+CGREG: 0\r\n\r\n+CREG: 0\r\n\r\n+CIEV: psinfo,6\r\n

09:20:42.531 gprs.c:2148                 ofono_gprs_status_notify /ph8_1 status 0

09:20:42.533 network.c:1349              ofono_netreg_status_notify /ph8_1 status 0 tech -1

09:20:42.536 network.c:1219              current_operator_callback 0x128198, 0x1260b8

09:20:42.540 gprs.c:1606                 netreg_status_changed 0

09:20:42.540 gprs.c:1606                 netreg_status_changed 0

09:20:42.540 network-registration.c:2134 ph8_handle_sind_ciev tech 2

09:20:42.541 gprs.c:340                  ph8_ciev_notify bearer 3 (umts)

09:20:42.542 ph8.c:208                   ciev_notify

09:20:42.543 ph8.c:122                   ph8_debug App: > AT+CGATT=0\r

09:20:42.581 ph8.c:122                   ph8_debug Mdm: < \r\nOK\r\n

09:20:42.581 gprs-context.c:281          at_cgdcont_cb ok 1

09:20:42.581 ph8.c:122                   ph8_debug App: < \r\nOK\r\n

09:20:42.581 gprs.c:1545                 gprs_attach_callback /ph8_1 error = 0

09:20:42.581 ph8.c:122                   ph8_debug Mdm: > AT+CGDATA="PPP",1\r

09:20:42.582 ph8.c:122                   ph8_debug App: > AT+CGREG?\r

09:20:42.591 ph8.c:122                   ph8_debug App: < \r\n+CGREG: 1,0\r\n\r\nOK\r\n

09:20:42.591 gprs.c:1526                 registration_status_cb /ph8_1 error 0 status 0

09:20:42.591 gprs.c:2148                 ofono_gprs_status_notify /ph8_1 status 0

09:20:42.611 ph8.c:122                   ph8_debug Mdm: < \r\nNO CARRIER\r\n

09:20:42.611 gprs-context.c:258          at_cgdata_cb Unable to enter data state

09:20:42.611 gprs-context.c:266          at_cgdata_cb not ok, <NO CARRIER>, error 5/0

09:20:42.611 gprs.c:859                  pri_activate_callback 0x12c980 - error 5/0

09:20:42.611 gprs.c:863                  pri_activate_callback Activating context failed with error: Unknown error type



-- Brian