On 05/04/2011 05:35 PM, rajeshkumar s.a wrote:
PFA, the debug log with AT commands

I am still getting a timeout on enable-modem operation

and list-modem gives following o/p

$ ./list-modems
[ /huawei0 ]
    Features =
    Emergency = 0
    Powered = 0
    Lockdown = 0
    Interfaces =
    Online = 0


As far i can see, ofono communicates using the wrong USB interface .... I suggest you to modify the /etc/udev/rules.d/ofono.rules to use the correct one
First, get the idvendor and id product of your key (e.g: lsusb)
Then check in the ofono.rules  a line like this one:
ATTRS{idVendor}=="19d2", ATTRS{idProduct}=="0121",ENV{OFONO_IFACE_NUM}=="04",  ENV{OFONO_ZTE_TYPE}="modem"
And update the OFONO_IFACE_NUM
These keys publish multiple interfaces with different purposes (like modem diag, traces, etc...)
Hope this help