Hi Marko,
I had a similar problem with HE910 and I solved with the following code line immediatly after line 99 in he910.c plugin:

99| g_hash_table_insert(options, "Baud", "115200");
100| g_hash_table_insert(options, "Local", "on");

Let me know if it helps. 


2015-06-29 13:16 GMT+02:00 Marko Sulejic <marko.sulejic@hale.at>:

Am 2015-06-25 um 15:05 schrieb Marko Sulejic:
Hi again,

the problem seems to be in the
atmodem/gprs-context.c : gprs_activate_primary
function, where

    if (g_at_chat_send(gcd->chat, buf, none_prefix,
                at_cgdcont_cb, gc, NULL) > 0)

is called after a reconnect, and then it fails.

It seems to work if I call

    g_at_chat_send(gcd->chat, "AT&C0", none_prefix,
                NULL, NULL, NULL)


So this would mean that a disconnect or similar action sets DCD to low,
and the chats are closed.

Does oFono anywhere in the code sets DCD explicitely to low or is it maybe a bug?

My patch would look something like this (if it is an HE910 issue only):

    if (gcd->vendor == OFONO_VENDOR_TELIT)
        if(g_at_chat_send(gcd->chat, "AT&C0", none_prefix,
                    NULL, NULL, NULL) <= 0)
            goto error;


Am 2015-06-25 um 11:15 schrieb Marko Sulejic:

I need your help in using a Telit HE910 with ofono (and eventually connman).
(I am using ofono 1.16 with HE910 firmware version 12.00.006; connman version is 1.29).

My problem is the following ...
on startup everything works fine and the ppp0 connection is established,
but problems occur in the following case:

connmanctl> disconnect cellular_*_context15
Disconnected cellular_*_context15

connmanctl> connect cellular_*_context15
Error /net/connman/service/cellular_*_context15: Input/output error

ofonod[5355]: gprs-context.c(244):at_gprs_activate_primary() cid 1
ofonod[5355]: gprs.c(889):pri_activate_callback() 0x1a18c50
ofonod[5355]: gprs.c(893):pri_activate_callback() Activating context failed with error: Unknown error type
connmand[3815]: Failed to change property: /he910_0/context15 org.ofono.ConnectionContext.Active: org.ofono.Error.Failed Operation failed

The same error happens if I am manually sending connect/disconnect via dbus-send.

Only a hard ofono restart can establish the connection again.
This behavior happens all the time once a ppp0 disconnect happened
(e.g. by removing the SIM; manual disconnect via dbus or connmanctl).

A subquestion regarding connman:
Can connmand be configured in such a way that on every connection
loss, ofono is triggered to reconnect to the Internet?

Thank you very muchin advance,
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ok, the above code doesn't seem to solve the problem.



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