Hi Ofono team,
Is there a support in ofono for multiple PDN connections in parallel ? If so what interfaces/API's it exposes to connman to manage multiple APN's ? If so, I have these 2 questions :

a)  How ofono/connman able to construct / destruct routing tables on data connections for multiple APNs and makes sure that IP traffic goes to the right IP interface/APN ?

b)How ofono/connman ensures that domain name searches are performed via right IP interface/APN to the right name server. Provide mechanism to keep track of name servers associated with each APN ? I believe Linux only provides a mechanism for a single APN via /etc/resolv.con

c) Is it configurable from upper layers to ensure that if IPV6 is available then IPV6 routing and name discovery is used ?

Probably some of these Questions may come under connman context adding here just in case if anyone has experience with it?