Hi Denis,

2014-09-16 15:01 GMT+02:00 Denis Kenzior <denkenz@gmail.com>:
Generally drivers/ directory contains atom drivers.  e.g. radio_settings, gprs, netreg, etc.  plugins/ contains modem drivers. There are a few additional special cases, but that is essentially the break down.

​What do you mean with modem driver?

What methods do you need exactly?

​There are more than one, and I'm still working on the requirements, but, I'm pretty sure I will need to call the AT#TESTMODE command from my application for example. How should I handle it?​

​There is one more thing: I tried to implement a new ​driver 
​, and I added the call in he910 plugin post_online method: ​

ofono_radio_settings_create(modem, 0, "telitmodem", data->chat

​ seems fine (I got no errors), and I started daemon with 

ofonod --plugin=udevng,telitmodem,atmodem,he910 -nd

Anyway my driver is never called. Do I need to add telitmodem name somewhere in order to be recognized from ofono?

Thank you.