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For our next connectivity project we are planning to use Connman along with oFono


The version being used are Connman :1.35 and oFono:1.21


After system start up, I am seeing that the oFono process gets exited, whenever I try to enable the modem by calling the python script enable-modem in the test directory. However, if I restart the ofono systemd service, everything works fine.

A couple of comments here:

i)  You have connman and ofono running via systemd and you're calling enable-modem from the test directory... I don't think this is a robust way to go about testing things.  Try to simplify by stopping connman and ofono and running ofono manually from the command line before calling the test script.

# systemctl stop connman
# systemctl stop ofono
# ofonod -d -n
# ...../enable-modem

ii)  When you say "everything works fine", what do you mean?  The test script can run...?

Ya after restarting the ofono.service , I could successfully run the test scripts

I suspect you are seeing the issue I mentioned in iii) below...


iii)  There _is_ a race in the gobi module at just the spot that you are seeing the crash.  I have seen it many times but haven't taken the time to isolate the issue... if I get a moment today, I might take a look at it.  I can trigger it by calling enable-modem too early in the ofono's startup process... it occurs maybe 1 time in 5 on my setup.

iv)  Like Christophe said, disable ofono's signal handler and enable core dumps before running ofono.  The core dump is easier to analyze than ofono's backtrace.


May I know is there any config option to disable the signal handler in Ofono.

No, there's not... you need to hack it out of the code.  Search for the following line in src/main.c:

signal = setup_signalfd();

and comment it out.  I think that's sufficient...




I have attached the logs for your reference. Please let me know, if any further log messages are required.


Modem chip. MC7455 from sierra

Linux kernel: 4.9.44-fslc+g8f876e1 (freescale)



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