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I have pushed all patches except patch #3. "dun_gw: Add BlueZ 5 version" from Frédéric just added recently the definition for DUN_GW_UUID. Obviously, I needed to update your patches to use DUN_GW_UUID instead of DUN_UUID. The bluez4.c file also uses DUN_GW_UUID as identifier.

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Actually, DUN profile is "asymmetric": it doesn't have an UUID for each role, they share the same UUID [1]. The only way to distinguish the current role is to specify it when registering the profile with bt_register_profile_with_role function.

Specifying the role when registering a DUN profile is important because only GW should expose a SDP record.

[1] https://www.bluetooth.org/Technical/AssignedNumbers/service_discovery.htm

Paulo Borges