On 09/16/14 11:16, Enrico Sau wrote:
Dear all,
I need to use ofono on a Telit module (UE910). I tried to use he910 plugin and atmodem driver and it seems to recognize the modem but, some of the interfaces does not work and I also need some more commands than the one exported by atmodem.
This request is to ask what should I do? I'm currently starting to develop a new driver (telitmodem) with the interfaces I need.
Is my behavior correct?

Since the UE910 is a member of the xE910 family and extremely similar to the HE910 in functionality, it would be better to try to extend the he910 driver to handle this device.

If you could provide a description of your problem and requirements, then it might be easier to give you guidance:

i) what interfaces do not work?
ii) what commands do you require that are not exported?

The more info you can provide, the better.